The Truth Is In Here…

Do you want to believe? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

A huge welcome to the official blog of THE X-CAST podcast, which has just started airing its second season covering THE X-FILES season two. The aim of this blog, which will hopefully unite X-Philes keen to write about the show we all know and love, is to provide extra X-Files content alongside the podcast and our social media pages.

What can you expect? Well, anything TXF goes on here – news, reviews, articles, features, interviews, the whole kaboodle. We’re going to take it slow and try to give you at least one or two pieces a week in the short term and, who knows, maybe we’ll start to expand if more people come aboard, write and share their passion for the adventures of Fox Mulder & Dana Scully.

From myself and the X-Cast group of bloggers involved from the beginning, we hope you enjoy. And if you want to write about The X-Files alongside other keen fans, drop us an email @

Happy reading! Just remember… trustno1!