Introduction: My History with X – Michael J. Petty


I have been an X-Phile since as long as I can remember.

Unlike other X-Philes who were well into their adult life or their teens when the show originally aired, I was born in between Season 2 and 3 into a home where my parents watched The X-Files live. Although the young me kept them from watching regularly, they remained fans. I still remember when we got a DVD player in the house, my Dad bought the Mythology Collections: “Abduction”, “Black Oil”, “Colonization”, and “Super Soldiers”. I remember watching them when I was in elementary school, and watching “Fight the Future” even earlier. I fell in love with Mulder and Scully and continued to watch, needing to understand how all the pieces fit together. Technically, The X-Files was the first science fiction television drama that I got into to the point of obsession at times, even predating my love of Smallville (my personal favorite TV show for many reasons, though X-Files comes at a close second).

Over the years my love for all things X-Files continued to grow. As my parents began to search for truth through the Bible, a truth that I have come to believe as well (Jesus is Lord), they also began searching for other hidden truths throughout the globe. The Illuminati, other dimensions, aliens, MK-Ultra, Bigfoot, Area 51, Project Paperclip, Roswell, JFK’s assassination, Watergate, Freemasonry, the history of the Catholic Church, 9/11, etc. all became common household conversation, to the point where many of their friends and family wrote us off as “spooky” due to our beliefs in the supernatural and the paranormal, albeit from a biblical worldview. These experiences and beliefs allowed me to come to The X-Files in an entirely new light, a new way of looking at the show and its spin-offs. What truths were The X-Files actually revealing, how much of the show was really science-fiction. Even now, I still believe many of the conspiracies talked about on the show have some merit, no matter how outlandish they sound. I guess that’s the Fox Mulder in me.


One summer, on a trip to visit some family in Texas, my parents decided it would be fun for us to visit Roswell, New Mexico. I loved it and kept finding X-Files memorabilia all over town! This rejuvenated my love and appreciation for the Chris Carter series. Then I got really into his other show (an X-Files spin-off) Millennium with my Dad, which I will be talking about here on this blog sooner or later as it is another one of my favorite shows as well, making its way into my “Top 10”. Along with all that, one of my best friends, Dan Schmidt, started a podcast in 2010 called “Across the Airwaves”, which ended up becoming more of a podcast network covering everything from Game of Thrones to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, other sci-fi and genre shows, and everything DC Comics TV!

I’ve hosted and co-hosted various podcasts over the years (and am currently co-hosting the DC Nation Podcast as well as It’s Tangent Time if anyone’s interested), but when the IDW comic series, written by the genius that is Joe Harris, “The X-Files: Season 10” came out, I began writing monthly reviews of the comic for the website (sadly I only did this for the first two story arcs as I fell behind due to lack of funds to buy the comics each month). I needed my X-Files fix! With the return of The X-Files to television, I finally watched both Harsh Realm (which I actually did enjoy, wish there was more) and The Lone Gunmen (which I immediately fell in love with, and will have to write an article about eventually), both of which sparked my “conspiracy radar” (especially the “Pilot” to The Lone Gunmen…). During the revival this past winter, I joined Dan and his co-host Nico on Across the Airwaves in talking about the revival, specifically the finale “My Struggle II” and my love of all-things X-Files Mythology.

Speaking of, I feel the need to get this off the table right now, the X-Files Mythology is one of my favorite story arcs in all of television because of it’s use of science, history, character arcs, and keeping us waiting for over twenty years as to what is going to happen next. In fact, my favorite part of the X-Files as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, is the mythology and the mystery, suspense, and excitement behind it (this explains my love for the S10/11 comics looking back on it), though in my most recent years of re-watching the series, I have gained a respect and love for the monster-of-the-week episodes that I didn’t have before.

Some of my favorite memories with various people throughout the years has been talking about The X-Files. My manager at work, my Dad, my brother, Dan, and so many others have always been easy to connect with due to The X-Files. I am so excited to be a part of the X-Cast and cannot wait to share with all of you fellow X-Philes my thoughts on all things X (especially Millennium…)!


Michael is a follower of Christ, a filmmaker, writer, and occasional podcaster. You can find him on Twitter @MJPETTY7

His favorite mythology episodes of The X-Files include (but are not limited to) “Fallen Angel”, “End Game”, “One Son”, and “Requiem” while his favorite monster-of-the-week episodes are a tie between “Die Hand Die Verletzt” and “X-COPS”, with “Triangle” and “Drive” on the side. His favorite season is Seasons 5 and 6 (with The X-Files: Fight the Future as one of his favorite films) and his favorite character besides Fox Mulder is Richard “Ringo” Langly. He is also an avid Millennium fan.


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