ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Which X-Files episode deserves a sequel?


So Carl Sweeney recently suggested the blog team do a roundtable chat based on a key The X-Files question, so here are our collected responses to the question… which X-Files episode deserves a sequel?

TONY: “‘Travelers’ – personally I would love to have seen more episodes featuring a young Arthur Dales in the 50’s or 60’s investigating X-Files in the Hoover FBI. You could have some really cool, Mad Men-style scenes mixed with period weirdness. Hell, there’s a prequel series in the idea, let alone one episode! You could get away with bringing Arthur back with a new actor, wouldn’t have to be Fredric Lane.”

CARL: “‘Travelers’ is a good shout and I agree that a prequel series could work. I’m going to resist my first instinct to say ‘Home’. Instead, I’ll choose ‘4-D’. While the original is pretty good (especially by Season 9 standards), I’ve always considered it a bit of a missed opportunity. The parallel universe idea is a good one but the characters never seem to grasp how big a deal this is. It’s tantalising to imagine the fun a writer like Darin Morgan or Vince Gilligan could have with this concept, especially with Mulder back in the picture. Another bonus would be that the original episode is imperfect, so expectations would be lower than with something like ‘Home’.”

BAZ: “While my first choice is probably a return of the Flukeman, I’m rather fond of the Mothmen from season five’s ‘Detour’. Creatures with the ability to go invisible and hunt their victims, plus the whole aspect of the Mothmen being immortal humans would make for an interesting sequel. Perhaps Mothmen in the big city, Predator 2-style? There would be the opportunity for plenty of scares and tense thrills as Mulder and Scully find themselves hunting an old enemy they can’t see.”

SAM: “I’m a fan of ‘Patience’, mainly because I love vampire things and thought it was a genuinely scary episode. I think it would be a good one to bring Mulder in on because it waDoggettet originally, and the creature was hunting people in a family if I remember correctly? So, maybe it coming out of hibernation like Tooms and going on a new rampage. It wasn’t confirmed that it was actually killed, was it?”

SARAH: “I’d love a sequel to ‘Bad Blood’. The vampires literally pulled up stakes and hightailed it off to another trailer park. It would be great to see Ronnie and the Sheriff turn up again in another small town. I’d also like to see Cindy and Teena from ‘Eve’ all grown up and unleashing evil shenanigans.”

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know your choices in the comments below or on social media!


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