INTRODUCTIONS: Can’t Escape The X-Files – Amy Walker

Amy Walker can’t escape The X-Files, and here’s why…


The X-Files has been something that has always been around in the world as long as I can remember. The series started in 1993, when I was just 6-years-old, and as such has always been something that I can remember being around.

I’m not sure how I first became aware of the show, whether it was one of my uncles who introduced me to it, or if my parents or grandparents happened to have it on whilst I was with them, but like all major cultural phenomena it quickly became a standard part of life. People just knew about the X-Files, and primary school me was no exception.

When I was younger my uncles would let me watch things that really weren’t age appropriate, such as Aliens and Predator, or rather, they’d want to watch them and not care if I was in the room. As such I quickly became a fan of science fiction and horror and The X-Files completely captured my imagination.

Whilst I think that I saw some of the earlier season on the BBC when they were airing (I remember random episodes from the first three seasons that I never had on video so I definitely saw them somewhere) it was the the VHS releases that I absolutely adored.

I remember very clearly watching the ‘Tooms’, ‘Abduction’ and ‘82517’ over and over again growing up. I have a strong memory of visiting Bedford on a shopping trip one day and seeing a huge poster for ‘Abduction’ in what I think was Virgin Megastore’s window and being so excited that it was coming out. I also remember going round a friends house in primary school because his mother had rented us ‘82517’ the day it had come out and we were desperate to watch it.


Whilst I wasn’t able to follow the main mythology of the show at such a young age, and with not being able to watch every episode, the show still captured my imagination. I loved the monsters of the week, I loved the aliens, the horror, the shadowy conspiracy and most of all I loved Mulder and Scully.

As the years went by it became harder to follow the show. It had moved off of the BBC, the videos were still sporadic as to what was being released and the general ‘X-Files Fever’ was dying down. Throughout this time I was still aware that the series was going on, and still very much loved the episodes that I remembered, but I felt that I couldn’t really call myself an X-Files fan anymore.

Sadly, I drifted away from the show. I got rid of my VHS tapes when I moved over to DVD, I got rid of the books that I had and I think I even threw out my old trading cards (please don’t hate me too much for that).

Years later, around four years ago, I stumbled across season one of the DVD’s in the pre-owned section at Blockbuster for £5. Remembering how much I loved the show I bought it without hesitation (at £5 who wouldn’t?) and began to re-watch my way through the show again.

Suddenly I found myself falling back in love with the series, the characters and the stories they told. I ended up going out and picking up seasons two and three and watched through them too. I’m not sure what happened next, I think life may have just taken over, but I ended up not watching another episode for years.

When moving house I found the box-sets and thought to myself, ‘well, I haven’t watched them in years, I might as well sell them’, and off went the X-Files again.

It wasn’t until The X-Cast came out that the show grabbed me again. Having listened to and enjoyed many of Tony’s other shows I decided to give the X-Cast a listen as a form of nostalgia. As I began listening to the episodes I found myself fondly remembering them and really enjoying what was being discussed.

Not wanting to miss out on what was being talked about and not trusting the holes in my memory I started listening to the series as they were covering the episodes. Next thing I know I’ve shot ahead, am half way through season six and gone out and bought the complete box set.


Now I’m completely hooked on the show again, I’ve gone out and picked up some of the old books (I’m actually half way through reading ‘Ruins’ at the moment), I’m subscribed to the ongoing comics and the Origins series, I’ve even got a huge pile of the old trading cards again.

Whilst I can’t guarantee that I won’t drift away from the show again I’m pretty certain that this time I won’t be getting rid of the box sets or books. The X-Files has taken a hold of me like it never had before and I’ve fallen in love with what is easily one of the best shows of the 90’s, a series that wowed the world and paved the way for so many modern television series.

The X-Files is something from my childhood that I hold incredibly dear, and absolutely adore now as an adult.

Amy will be a regular contributor to the blog. You can follow her on Twitter @amazingamyw.


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