TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Teso Dos Bichos vs Paper Hearts / Brand X vs Colony

The X-Cast blog team are going to share their daily predictions about the Episode Tournament fixtures coming up, talking about who they think will win (not crucially who *should* win – that’s up to you!).

December 8th/9th





Tony: “PAPER HEARTS – let’s not even debate this one. Rout.”

Carl: “PAPER HEARTS in a landslide.”


Sarah: “Incredible writing, directing, acting vs stuffed cats? Gee, let me think….”

Baz: “Teso…er…no, sorry. I think I’ll go for the brilliant PAPER HEARTS instead. My question is, will it win by 100% or are there people who like TESO DOS BICHOS?”

Paige: “Paper Hearts vs. Teso isn’t a fair fight. But basically that would be true about almost any matchup vs. Teso, wouldn’t it?




Tony: “COLONY – not the most beloved mythology episode (though it’s one of the best) but nobody remembers or much cares about Brand X, so…”

Carl: “I just can’t see any reason people would care strongly about Brand X. Easy win for COLONY.”

Sarah: “I think being a mythology episode COLONY will take the win. Though Brand X is a hidden gem.”

Tony: “Brand X has one of the best solo Mark Snow scores. Plus Tobin Bell. It’s a good one… but Colony is Colony.”

Baz: “I agree, COLONY introduced the shapeshifting alien bounty hunter and the clone storyline and rode off the high of abduction story arc. Brand X…I honestly can’t remember more than having something to do with a tobacco company. (I didn’t include it in my Revisited though so I can’t be clear). This should be an easy win.”

Paige: “Brand X is a very interesting episode, but Colony can’t and won’t be beaten here.”

Make sure you’re following our tournament with the hashtag #TheXFilesEpisodeTournament on Twitter.


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