TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Our Town vs First Person Shooter / Monday vs Dreamland II

The X-Cast blog team are going to share their daily predictions about the Episode Tournament fixtures coming up, talking about who they think will win (not crucially who *should* win – that’s up to you!).

December 15th/16th




Tony: “OUR TOWN – because is there anyone bar me who likes FPS?”

Carl: “There are, but not too many. OUR TOWN to prevail.”

Sarah: “Mmm, nothing like fried chicken with a side of human brains! OUR TOWN has this in the bag. The take-out bag, that is.”

Sam: “I like First Person Shooter because Scully, but I reckon OUR TOWN will take it. It’s one of those ‘humans as monsters’ episodes and COULD happen. Eek!”

Andrew: “OUR TOWN is an underrated episode. It’s creepy while being funny, and truly offbeat. FIRST PERSON SHOOTER is not the worst of the series, but it’s pretty cringe-worthy.”

Baz: “And as for OWN TOWN – it will clearly be the winner. A lot of people remember the small town cannibals and fried chicken. FIRST PERSON SHOOTER is just not very good and comes in the middle of the much weaker season seven.”




Tony: “MONDAY – man this is a nasty one, but Dreamland II is probably the weaker of the two parter & Monday is just legendary.”

Sam: “Monday is my favourite but I think DREAMLAND II might edge it coz of the shipping and humour and that”

Carl: “I think MONDAY will win but I’m not at all confident to be honest. Could go either way.”

Baz: “Oh MONDAY is just magnificent, a great Groundhog Day-style episode. While DREAMLAND is great, the first half is much stronger. I think MONDAY will win because it’s more memorable out of the two and has a concept everyone loves.”

Sarah: “Considering how much I love DREAMLAND II, MONDAY will probably win and I’ll have to go drink heavily.”

Andrew: “Oh man. Dreamland, on the whole, is one of my top picks. But Part II slips, in my mind. I think MONDAY will pull ahead. But both are great episodes.”

Make sure you’re following our tournament with the hashtag #TheXFilesEpisodeTournament on Twitter.


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