REVIEW: The X Files Origins

Matthew, son of Carl, Sweeney makes his reviewing debut for The X-Cast blog by taking a look at The X-Files: Origins…

Hi, my name is Matthew and I’ve been watching The X-Files for a while now with my dad. I started reading The X-Files Origins comics a few months ago. I am 9 years old.

These comics are 2 in 1, which is great. On one side is Scully’s story and, if you flip over, on the other side is Mulder’s. By the way, these stories are about an event in their childhood.

Scully’s Story


Her story is about the murder of her Sunday school teacher. She wants to find out who the killer was but is her father involved? I thought it was interesting because I never knew what was going to happen next. Was her father going to betray the Navy or was he going to help the Navy?


I admire Corin Howell’s artwork and Monica Kubina’s colours because they made the pictures look well designed.

I would give Scully’s story 5 files out of 5.

Mulder’s Story


Mulder’s story is about him and his friends sneaking into the woods trying to find a UFO. But is Eric’s dad involved?

I thought it was a good story but it wasn’t as good as Scully’s. As I said before, I appreciate the beautiful designs of the pictures. For Mulder’s story the art and colours are by Chris Fenoglio.

I would give Mulder’s story 4 and a half files out of 5.



I thought it was a very good comic overall but I preferred Scully’s story because it was more exciting. I believe other children would like these stories because they are interesting. I would like more of these fantastic tales. I hope the new books coming soon about young Mulder and Scully are as good as these comics.

Matthew is watching selected episodes of The X-Files for the first time. So far, his favorite episode is ‘Ghost In The Machine’ and his favorite character is Dana Scully.


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