TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Humbug vs Nisei / Triangle vs Revelations / Squeeze vs The Walk

The X-Cast blog team are going to share their daily predictions about the Episode Tournament fixtures coming up, talking about who they think will win (not crucially who *should* win – that’s up to you!).

December 22nd/23rd/24th




Tony: “HUMBUG – a comfortable victory for Darin Morgan’s first legendary comedy, if not quite his best.”

Sam: “HUMBUG for sure! Awesome episode. It’s one of those go to episodes for me.”

Carl: “I’ll eat a cricket if HUMBUG doesn’t win.”

Baz: “I think HUMBUG will win – it’s the first Darin Morgan classic and was a memorable entry in season two. Like 731, it’s a shame NISEI is up against a great episode because it forms part of an exciting mythology story, one of the best in season 3. But 731 is the stronger of the two and against the circus freaks, NISEI won’t win.”




Tony: “TRIANGLE – can’t see past it here, probably quite a rout.”

Carl: “TRIANGLE win. Won’t be close.”

Baz: “Absolutely (and not just because TRIANGLE is my favourite episode). It’s a fantastically experimental, memorable episode, not least because it pits Mulder against a Nazi Cigarette Smoking Man. There’s a lot of love for this episode out there, and understandably so. REVELATIONS isn’t bad, sitting in one of the strongest seasons (three) and with a dark tale about a serial killer hunting a boy with religious markings. It’s good The X-Files fare, but nowhere near the standard of TRIANGLE and honestly, I don’t think a lot of people remembering it that well. TRIANGLE to win by a landslide…”

Sarah: “Absolutely TRIANGLE!”




Tony: “SQUEEZE – absolute slam dunk for Mr Tooms, part 1.”

Carl: “Yeah, I have nothing more insightful to add. SQUEEZE win. I think I like The Walk more than most people do, though.”

Baz: “THE WALK is okay but SQUEEZE is the most memorable (and possibly best) monster of the week. There is no way Eugene Victor Tooms isn’t going to have a clear victory. SQUEEZE to win by a landslide…”

Sarah: “SQUEEZE will definitely not have to squeeze by on this one. It’ll win with a wide margin!”

Make sure you’re following our tournament with the hashtag #TheXFilesEpisodeTournament on Twitter.


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