TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Theef vs Shapes / The Blessing Way vs Syzygy

The X-Cast blog team are going to share their daily predictions about the Episode Tournament fixtures coming up, talking about who they think will win (not crucially who *should* win – that’s up to you!).

January 6th/7th



Tony: “SHAPES – hard one this as they’re both quite duff. Who remembers Theef though?”

Carl: “I agree that a lot of people won’t remember Theef, but it’s a bit undervalued in my view. I think the result here depends on the extent to which people actively dislike Shapes or not. Could be a narrow win for THEEF.”

Andrew: “THEEF is a great episode, very much underrated! The story is solid, and it’s just as creepy as some of what we see in Home. I’d include THEEF, absolutely, in a Top 20 “Creepiest Episodes” list.”

Sarah: “I value Shapes for its attempt to add a new spin to the Werewolf lore, but that’s about it. THEEF surprised me on my rewatch before season 10. It’s a strong episode and I think it’ll pull off the win.”

Baz: “I agree that a lot of people won’t remember THEEF (I barely do), but it is a stronger episode than SHAPES and if you do remember it, it has some great horror. SHAPES is known for being naff; I think it might win though purely because fans will remember watching it. Though I don’t think by a large mile.”


Tony: “BLESSING WAY – much as Syzygy has loads going for it & should qualify, Blessing Way is well known & I can see it scraping a victory.”

Sarah: “There’s a lot that’s memorable about SYZYGY but I think TBW will win out by sheer pronounceability.”

Baz: “THE BLESSING WAY absolutely. It’s not as strong as Anasazi or Paper Clip, but it comes at the height of the show, opening season three and sitting within one of the best multi-episode myth arc stories the show ever did. SYZYGY is good but it won’t come close to winning.”

Carl: “I also think THE BLESSING WAY will win. It, justly, gets more criticism than the episodes either side of it, but there’s a lot to like. Mulder & Scully are at each other’s throats during Syzygy – I think some will vote against it for that reason.”

Andrew: “While Paper Clip ranks in my top 20, the majority of The Blessing Way was just brimming with the Navajo-spiritual stuff that, IMO, dragged down the episode. It got much better in the second half, but I’m not a fan of the whole Mulder-floating-on-pine-trees-in-the-sky imagery. so I’ll vote for SYZYGY, which I think deserves more praise than it gets.”

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