TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: SR-819 vs The Jersey Devil / Closure vs Redux II

The X-Cast blog team are going to share their daily predictions about the Episode Tournament fixtures coming up, talking about who they think will win (not crucially who *should* win – that’s up to you!).

January 10th/11th



Tony: “SR-819 – the former is not as much remembered probably fandom than the latter, but I reckon this Skinner-centric might scrape it.”

Carl: “I agree, I don’t think The Jersey Devil is well-liked at all, and the Skinner fans will turn out in force to give the win to SR-819.”

Sarah: “SR-819 is going to win. This behind the scenes glimpse into Skinner’s Unofficial Channels is worth its weight in gold compared to JD. SR-819 could be its own series.”

Andrew: “SR-819 is the stronger episode, and I like the fact it’s Skinner-centric.”

Baz: “Agree with all of the above SR-819 to win; it is a strong Skinner-centric episode with a nice Krycek twist (if a little obvious). My only doubt is that it may not be as well remembered as JERSEY DEVIL. I admit, I forgot a lot about SR-819 when I re-watched it last year. Is JERSEY DEVIL that well regarded though? It’s not bad… it’s just not very good either.”


Tony: “REDUX II – it’s a well-known mythology piece with lots of memorable moments, though Closure is well loved for the Samantha stuff. A close call!”

Andrew: “REDUX II is a significant milestone episode for both M & S and will pull out a win. Closure is interesting but much weaker.”

Carl: “I’m not looking forward to choosing which one to vote for here, I really appreciate them both. I think REDUX II will win though, because not everybody liked the resolution to the Samantha storyline that Closure provided.”

Sarah: “They’re both strong episodes in their own right. I’d honestly be sad if this one isn’t a close contest. I think REDUX II will pull away with the win if only because it holds one of the most tense moments in the series, if not all of television history. Seriously, the last 5 minutes of that episode steal my breath every single time I watch it.”

Baz: “Ha I hate CLOSURE, despite a wonderful performance by David Duchovny. It’s a terrible resolution to Samantha’s storyline and I think a lot of people agree. REDUX II was a great ending to the trilogy and set up a very strong fifth season. I think this will win, though not necessarily by a landslide…”

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