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It’s been around 16 years since Season 7 of The X-Files ended. As a huge fan of the show, I was well aware of the rumor mills circulating that David Duchovny wanted to leave at the time. But I hoped beyond hope that maybe it wouldn’t amount to anything more than rumors, or at the very least maybe he’d leave for a couple episodes and come back?

Mostly, I kept asking myself, “How can The X-Files still exist without Mulder?!”

In the Season 7 finale, I got my answer and it wasn’t the one I wanted.

Of course, I remained optimistic. I kept holding out hope. I stuck with Season 8 up until about halfway through. After that, I allowed myself to be carried away with college life in New York City, choosing to focus on my classes and making new friends instead of obsessing over my favorite show. Occasionally, one of the people in my dorm would be watching and I’d join in, but it honestly just wasn’t that exciting anymore.

I felt betrayed and abandoned.

But I never once thought that David Duchovny or Chris Carter owed me anything. I did, however, wish that the network and producers would have ended the show on a high note with the original cast intact, and allowed everyone to move on simultaneously instead of having to beat a dead alien into a bloody pulp, metaphorically speaking. Out of curiosity and maybe a sense of duty, I tuned in for the Season 9 finale—mostly because at the time I thought it would be the last episode I’d ever get. Thank the good Lord Kinbote that it wasn’t!


16 years later and quite honestly I still can’t help but get a bitter taste in my mouth when I think about it. I was so bummed out after watching ‘The Truth’ that I took a solemn vow to never ever, EVER, watch it again. A vow which I absolutely intend to uphold.

But time and time again, since I joined up with The X-Cast crew, they’ve all enthusiastically agreed that Season 8 is strong and worth giving a watch. Season 9 hasn’t gotten much praise, but I also simply don’t feel like I can call myself a true fan at this point and discuss the show critically as a whole with those episodes missing from my viewing experience.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to go ahead and watch Season 8 for the first time since it aired, and view almost all of Season 9 for the first time ever. I’ve kicked things off with ‘Je Souhaite’ in Season 7 because it’s a fantastically strong episode. A light and funny Vince Gilligan masterpiece, and one of my favorite episodes of the series. I needed to start on a high note. And before you ask, I absolutely intend to maintain my solemn vow and will not be watching ‘The Truth’. Not gonna happen. Don’t even ask. (I’m looking at you, Carl.)

I hope you’ll join me on Friday nights at 9 p.m. EST where I’ll be live-tweeting from @TheX_Cast handle and come back here for my overall thoughts on each episode. See you soon, X-Philes!

You can follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahlblair.


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