TOURNAMENT PREDICTIONS: Unusual Suspects vs Terms of Endearment / Hell Money vs Unruhe

The X-Cast blog team are going to share their daily predictions about the Episode Tournament fixtures coming up, talking about who they think will win (not crucially who *should* win – that’s up to you!).

January 11th/12th



Tony: “UNUSUAL SUSPECTS – confident this Lone Gunmen-centric should beat an episode with only Bruce Campbell as it’s memorable saving grace.”

Carl: “Mulder infamously forgets he’s a psychologist in Terms of Endearment, which is a black mark against it in my book. UNUSUAL SUSPECTS for the win.”

Paige: “I don’t know, Bruce Campbell is a pretty big saving grace. Carl’s point is brilliant. I’ll go with Terms of Endearment, just because I remember the grunts during original run for a non-Mulder and Scully show. And for Bruce Campbell.”

Sarah: “UNUSUAL SUSPECTS will go through to the next round. Do I even need a reason why? It’s obvious.”

Baz: “UNUSUAL SUSPECTS is a great prequel / 100th episode and a cool Lone Gunmen story. It will be another strong win. I honestly can’t remember TERMS OF ENDEARMENT either.”


Tony: “UNRUHE – though I don’t think it’ll survive round 2 it’s underrated & should beat the limp organ swopping.”

Sarah: “UNRUHE is massively underrated. It’s a solid episode from arguably the best season of the entire series. Gerry Schnauz is a terrifying villain. It’ll take out Hell Money in a landslide.”

Carl: “I’m expecting UNRUHE to win too. I think it could do well in the tournament actually, given a kind draw.”

Andrew: “UNRUHE is a very solid episode, while Hell Money is a pretty weak episode. Scary premise, but weak in execution, and not really n X-File. UNRUHE has a terrifying villain and the icepick lobotomy angle is particularly nasty.”

Paige: “I gotta go with Unruhe as well. It’s a very good episode. Hell Money is just the ep that comes before Jose Chung.”

Baz: “UNRUHE is a great, underrated episode, with an interesting premise and great atmospheric moments. It will easily beat the lacklustre HELL MONEY.”

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