THE X-CAST BLOG: Announcement

Hi, X-Casters and X-Philes!

You may or may not know this, but The X-Cast is actually part of a podcast network called Black Hole Media, started by our own Assistant Director Tony Black as a home for his other podcasts, some of which no longer run regularly.

Well now it has a shiny new website, and that means The X-Cast Blog is going to look shinier too, just in a new home, alongside all the other film/TV/media writing Tony and other writers do or have been doing. Which means we’re abandoning this blog and moving here, effective immediately:

This blog won’t be going anywhere. Plenty of the articles & features will still be available to read as Tony begins the process of moving many of them steadily across to the new site (trust me, it takes ages!), and the site isn’t 100% finished yet, but from Monday you can expect X-Cast articles that are new to only be on that space.

Besides that – nothing changes! Our tournament continues apace, we have the A-Z project, the Ranked project, Sarah’s Blair Watch project, the final few Secret Agendas reviews/interviews (before we move onto the other anthologies), and the comic book reviews will be coming back soon too. This plus loads of other stuff, some of which we haven’t even thought of yet!

So yeah, stay tuned, we hope you join us at our new home and remember…

The Truth is In Here…


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