NEWS: The Season 11 ‘glitch’

Tony Black takes a look at the recent news this week about Season 11…


It’s been a few months since we had some concrete news about The X-Files Season 11, news not disseminated from spam sites like Gamenguide or Parentherald (which sadly get loads of traction and commentary, when they’re utter bullshit). Yesterday word broke, however, via two interesting sources which suggest the continuing adventures of Mulder & Scully might be in jeopardy.

Firstly a Reuters interview with Gillian Anderson about her new role as an anti-slavery campaigner in which, at the tail end, she suggested when asked that she didn’t think Season 11 was happening. Her words were:

Probably not. I think it is finished.

This seemed to be the trigger for scientist Dr. Anne Simon, a vocal voice on Twitter in terms of updating the fandom about Season 11 progress, to admit the future wasn’t as rosy as we’d been led to believe from positive noises by the likes of FOX supremo Dana Walden in the summer.

Simon seems to be suggesting here that the sticking point may be with the amount of episodes FOX want. Mark Snow, in our recent podcast with him, believed 13 episodes was a possibility or perhaps even more, so could this be what FOX have been pushing for? Accepted wisdom has been we’d get more than Season 10’s 6 episodes but the number would more than likely sit somewhere between 8-10. Maybe Anderson & David Duchovny have been put off at the prospect of spending what would probably be a good six months or more in Vancouver filming.

There is even the veiled suggestion there certain political realities have put a spoke in the wheel. Remember that FOX aren’t exactly the most liberal-minded network on US television and their part in the election of Donald Trump to office could well have also played a part in certain key players cooling on the idea of making FOX more money. Simon doesn’t suggest this in any way directly, but is it just coincidental this went south right after Trump won?

It’s hard to say at this point. Duchovny hasn’t weighed in at all, Anderson hasn’t officially spoken about it, nor has Chris Carter or FOX. There are no official statements one way or the other. Negotiations appear to have hit an impasse but this could be temporary. Until we hear any official word from the powers that be, nothing is certain. Season 11 could still be a reality, even if perhaps it may take a little longer than we hoped to put together.

At times like this though, let’s all remember we waited 8 YEARS for The X-Files to come back last time, and much scarier forces than Donald Trump have closed the X-Files before but they always come back. Let’s keep believing.

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