The X-Files Episode Tournament


Running into 2017 is our X-Files Episode Tournament, in which we randomise every episode (and movie) of the show, and pit them all against each other until we find the ultimate champion X-File.

Below is the regularly updated list of tournament fixtures, so bookmark this page and keep an eye out. Each fixture takes place via poll, twice daily, on our Twitter page which you can find here:

Winners will be in bold following the fixture taking place.


1. The Host vs Trustno1
2. Eve vs War of the Coprophages
3. One Breath vs Lord of the Flies
4. Duane Barry vs Release
5. Deep Throat vs Fight Club
6. Gethsemane vs Vienen
7. Avatar vs The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati
8. John Doe vs 3
9. Drive vs Biogenesis
10. Teso Dos Bichos vs Paper Hearts
11. Brand X vs Colony
12. Detour vs Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’
13. The Field Where I Died vs Zero Sum
14. Hungry vs Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster
15. Wetwired vs 731
16. End Game vs Founders Mutation
17. Unrequited vs Trevor
18. Our Town vs First Person Shooter
19. Monday vs Dreamland II
20. Fight the Future vs The Red & the Black
21. My Struggle vs Millennium
22. Without vs Grotesque
23. The Pine Bluff Variant vs Oubliette
24. Tithonus vs Herrenvolk
25. Ghost in the Machine vs The Amazing Maleeni
26. Ascension vs Within
27. Providence vs Little Green Men
28. Humbug vs Nisei
29. Triangle vs Revelations
30. Squeeze vs The Walk
31. Audrey Pauley vs Anasazi
32. Field Trip vs Shadows
33. Je Souhaite vs Requiem
34. El Mundo Gira vs Sleepless
35. Paper Clip vs all things
36. Existence vs Chinga
37. Medusa vs Firewalker
38. Space vs Die Hand Die Verletzt
39. Theef vs Shapes
40. The Blessing Way vs Syzygy
41. SR-819 vs The Jersey Devil
42. Closure vs Redux II
43. Unusual Suspects vs Terms of Endearment
44. Hell Money vs Unruhe
45. The Post-Modern Prometheus vs Redux
46. Scary Monsters vs Fallen Angel
47. Milagro vs Lazarus
48. The Gift vs The Beginning
49. Musings of a CSM vs Memento Mori
50. The Calusari vs Schizogeny
51. The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas vs Genderbender
52. The Unnatural vs Max
53. Dreamland vs DPO
54. Excelsis Dei vs Three Words
55. Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose vs Quagmire
56. Invocation vs The Erlenmeyer Flask
57. Agua Mala vs Small Potatoes
58. My Struggle II vs Irresistible
59. Pilot vs Jump the Shark
60. Provenance vs Arcadia
61. Leonard Betts vs Nothing Important Happened Today II
62. Two Fathers vs One Son
63. Kaddish vs This Is Not Happening
64. William vs X-Cops
65. Synchrony vs Improbable
66. Young at Heart vs Folie a Deux
67. Per Manum vs Badlaa
68. Surekill vs 2shy
69. Empedocles vs The Truth
70. Fearful Symmetry vs Tooms
71. Soft Light vs Patient X
72. Underneath vs Fire
73. Bad Blood vs En Ami
74. Sein Und Zeit vs Piper Maru
75. EBE vs The Sixth Extinction
76. Hollywood AD vs Home Again
77. Conduit & Signs and Wonders
78. Via Negativa vs Darkness Falls
79. Travelers vs Fresh Bones
80. Terma vs The List
81. All Souls vs Chimera
82. I Want to Believe vs Babylon
83. Patience vs Christmas Carol
84. The Rain King vs Talitha Cumi
85. Beyond the Sea vs DeadAlive
86. Roadrunners vs Emily
87. Ice vs 4-D
88. Pusher vs Apocrypha
89. Nothing Important Happened Today vs Alone
90. Dod Kalm vs Teliko
91. Kill Switch vs Tempus Fugit

92. Born Again vs Miracle Man

93. Home vs Salvage
94. The End vs Red Museum
95. Orison vs Blood
96. Tunguska vs Daemonicus
97. Demons vs Alpha
98. Minds Eye v Three of a Kind
99. Aubrey vs Essence
100. Sunshine Days vs Kitsunegari
101. F. Emasculata vs Roland
102. Sanguinarium vs Hellbound
103. Rush vs Elegy vs Never Again