INTERVIEW: Jack Venturo on The X-Files: Syndicate Control (fan fiction script)

As his fan fiction sequel to I Want to Believe and the first nine seasons drops, Jack Venturo discusses how The X-Files: Syndicate Control came to be…


THE X-CAST: What made you want to write “The X-Files: Syndicate Control”?

JACK VENTURO: My kids started developing an interest in the paranormal so I introduced them to the show. They couldn’t wait to see how it ended but I knew the ending felt a bit incomplete. I’m a story teller by nature and I always had a wish list of what I would have liked to see happen. I started writing ideas down and then began outlining the timeline of the screenplay. I figured I could finish it and send it to FOX to see if anything could come out of it. Maybe they’ll see there is still interest out there and make a new movie.

TX-C: What makes this different from Season 10 or the comic Season 10?

JV: I never read the comics or the books, I am strictly a show and movie guy so I couldn’t tell you what happens in the comics. I wrote my screenplay in 2014/2015 and finished it before they began production on the revival episodes of season 10. I was a bit saddened that my screenplay wouldn’t get a chance to be read by FOX, but as a fan I was excited for the revival. My screenplay and the revival have some similarities in the basis of the characters but the storyline and plots are vastly different. I continued were the original series and movies left off. I went back into the guts of the original story arc and revisited the villain from the first film, Conrad Strughold. I introduced new villains and left the dead be dead. I answer some old mysteries and introduce new ones as well.

TX-C: Were there any plotlines or characters you left behind from the series?

JV: I always loved the Lone Gunmen and one of my favorite characters of all time is the Cigarette Smoking Man but I went in writing this screenplay knowing that they were dead and the challenge was not to bring them back but to create new characters while giving these iconic characters a nod and a show of respect. The characters I created are them on steroids. Mulder’s new sidekick is a guy named Dean Finchman or “Finch” for short. He is smart, funny and incredibly talented when it comes to tech. The new villain is not in the shadows as before; he is right in front of you every day. Kevin Morris from the episode “Conduit” is back in my story. I did purposefully leave out Gibson Praise which was developed by the series as a key character to make room for everything and everyone else. There is a lot to revisit. There is a mystery in the script that connects to Gibson’s potential future storyline. Everything is connected and all plotlines come full circle.

TX-C: Do you envisage this as the end of the story or would you write a sequel?

JV: My idea of this screenplay was to introduce new characters that could hold their own in the world of X-Files and continue their story in different formats, think of the Marvel Universe. You get The Avengers then you get standalone superhero films then you bring them all back together again then you get the Agents of Shield TV Show then back to The Avengers my idea was to present it this way. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson both are very busy in their schedules with several projects if they did an X-Files movie with the new characters then later those new characters could continue the story arc in new X-Files episodes along with Mulder and Scully doing cameos. If this was done, we could have a new X-Files movie every year with a new season following it. New agents, new cases, new surprises, new villains and Mulder and Scully coming in when they could. I WOULD LOVE to keep writing this world!

TX-C: When did you first discover The X-Files?

JV: I use to watch a show on FOX called Sightings it was a news setup type of show with reporters who would go out in the field and investigate the paranormal. I loved that show. I saw a commercial for this new show called X-Files and thought I would give it a try. I was hooked!

TX-C: Have you always been a fan of The X-Files?

JV: Ever since I saw my first episode “Conduit” (Season 1 Ep 4) I was laying on the floor and couldn’t move. I was so in awe of this show. I was 12 and I had never seen anything like this on TV before. No matter what, I would watch the show. If I couldn’t watch it live, the VCR was ready to tape it.

TX-C: What is your favorite episode?

JV: “Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man” S4E7 I actually have a replica Zippo lighter engraved with the “TRUST NO ONE” on it, my wife gave it to me as a gift. This episode showed you so much and in such a fun way. Showing that this villain wasn’t really a “monster” but a human with feeling and a life outside of his work, connecting you to him made him all the scarier.

TX-C: What is your favorite season?

JV: Season 4 had some great episodes, a good balance of serious and funny.

TX-C: Who is your favorite character?

JV: It would be very easy for me to say that it’s Cigarette Smoking Man, but after really thinking about the shows and movies I can truly say that my favorite character is Langly! He was the poster boy of 90’s paranoia and he was so cool to watch. Him along with the Lone Gunmen living the way they did was fascinating. He was a true hero!

TX-C: What is your favorite moment from the series?

JV: I have so many but the most memorable would have to be Small Potatoes S4E20 the beginning with the baby tail. The doctor holds it up and says “Oh no, Not another one.”

TX-C: Do you believe in the paranormal?

JV: I always have, I was born in Peru and always heard stories of UFO’s in the mountains. Growing up in Florida and being a movie fanatic I was searching the paranormal before the internet was invented. The Chupacabra was my white whale!

Many thanks to Jack for his time. You can follow him on Twitter @VenturoProds.

The X-Files: Syndicate Control is now available free to download here.

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